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I feel like I have so much to talk about, but I guess I don't know how to get it all out in writing.

Dave has been in Jersey on business since Sunday. I have to pick him up from the airport tonight. While driving to the airport on Sunday I was surprised to find that there is a road in College Park named Bobby Brown Pkwy. Reason #19817239827 why living here is funny.

Since Dave has been gone I haven't done much. Worked a little. I'm at school right now. I hung out with my friend Chase on Sunday night and last night. Sunday we watched The Departed at his house. Good movie by the way. Last night he came over for dinner. I also went shopping with my friend Kristan yesterday. Boring stuff.

I started bartending at the sports bar I work at a couple of weeks ago. It's been very very fun. Especially since I'm the only girl bartender. It's great. It's tough to get used to though because we have 100 beers on draft and like 296 bottles so it takes a while to get used to where everything is on the wall or in the beer cooler. Craziness.

This morning I was in a really big hurry because I overslept and my first class was math and we were having a test today so I didn't have time to make myself a sandwhich and just grabbed a granola bar and diet coke which surely will not be enough to hold me over until school is over at 3:15. I was thinking about leaving after my next class, english, but then I looked at the schedule online for my social problems class and we're talking about an interesting topic today so I really don't want to miss. I'm going to be starrrvvvviininnggg.

I took off work tonight so that I'd be able to pick Dave up when his flight got in. This means I'll have lots of time to catch up on all of my TiVo-ed Dr. Phil, Oprah, and Tyra...YES!

I have a lot of things going on in the next couple of months. After I'm done paying all of my early november bills such as Rent, Car Insurance, Cell Phone and Cable I'm going to be paying off my credit card and hopefully paying more money towards my furniture. After I pay off my credit card I'm going to ask if they'll give me an increase in my limit. I never want anything too high, but mine right now is pretty low and I'd like it a little bit higher. I have a lot of things to buy though. The Pistons are here on December 4th and when they come I always buy seats directly behind their bench row AA. I'll prob end up spending about $250-$275 on them. I also have to buy Thrashers tickets because I told my mom Dave and I would take her and her bf to a game while they're here. The rest of the money I make will be going towards what we do because when my mom comes here I always take care of everything we do. Dave's birthday is coming up in December too and the present I want to get him is kind of expensive. I really hope it gets marked down the day after Thanksgiving. That's what I'm counting on. I'm really excited for this year because the Pistons are going to be here twice. Last year they were only here once.

So last Friday Dave and I went to Six Flags over Georgia for their Fright Night stuff. It was pretty lame. We probably won't ever do it again. We only got to ride 4 coasters and it wasn't even that scary, plus the haunted house cost extra. Rip off.

My grandma's house right now is in the process of being sold. It's really sad. I wish it could stay in the family, but I know that's not a possibility. It's bittersweet. I'm happy to get the inheritance because I can do a lot with it and it'll really help me, but at the same time it's sad. I probably will never see it again. Which may be better. I want to remember it how it was. I still really haven't gotten over my grandma's passing. I don't think I'll ever get over it. Right after it happened and I came back to Georgia it was really hard for me to move on with me life. Every second of every day was spent thinking about her and hoping she knew how much I loved her. Every moment there was some landmark...this time last week my grandmother was still alive...this time two weeks ago...and so on. But soon I stopped thinking about that so much and it became slightly easier to live in a world where my grandmother wasn't a part of it. It's still hard for me though. I hate seeing old people at all. There are certain songs I can't hear. And certain things I can't think about in general. I have a lot dreams about her. Usually in them she is alive and I'm always with her in them. It's hard for me. It's even harder to verbalize my emotions. It'd probably help me if I actually talked to someone about it, but I hate revealing my emotions like that. I'd talk to Dave about it, but the last time I was upset about it it was probably June and I was crying in my bed. Dave asked what was wrong and I said thinking about my grandma and it just made me sad. He was so annoyed by my crying that he actually slept on the couch. Not really someone I want to talk to about it. He doesn't understand. No one does.
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