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I freaking hate my math class. Like really freaking hate it. Every…

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I freaking hate my math class. Like really freaking hate it. Every morning when I walk in there I feel like I'm entering a dark dungeon with no way out. It's absolutely horrible. I can't wait until I'm done taking math for good. That's the stupidest subject ever. When will I ever need to know 95% of that shit?

22 days until my mommy comes to visit me!!! I can't wait. I'm already stressing though about all of the stuff I have to pay for/buy but I'm trying not to get myself too worked up seeing I do still have 22 days and I usually always freak out over nothing.

I think the next 2 months are going to be really fun. Not only do I love the holidays as is, but I have a lot of other fun things going on like my mom's visit, the pistons game, Dave's birthday, and Dave just bought me tickets to the Robin Thicke concert!!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.

Bartending has been so much fun. I'm really glad I was given this opportunity to do it. It really makes time go by so much faster and I have more of a chance to talk to my customers and hang out and the money is better. It's a nice change up. I think it's something I really needed.

Besides working a crap ton this weekend I also have to volunteer 4 hours tomorrow to try to knock my stpid community service for the stupid rear ending incident that happened in March. I might pick up a shift tomorrow night at the bar too. I could really use the money and Dave work's until like 9 anyways so there's nothing I would really be doing at that time anyways. I probably wouldn't get home til like 10 or 11 though and I have to bartend during the day on Saturday so that's the only reason I may not do it because I do need my sleep.

I think Saturday night Dave and I are gonna do a little dinner/movie night. It'll be nice to do that because we really haven't done anything like that in a few weeks. I really want to see Dan in Real Life so I think that's what we're going to go see.

My sociology class was cancelled for today which is thrilling because I'll be able to go home after my next class and have a little extra time before I have to go to work. I'm bartending tonight though so I know it at least won't be a drag.

Off to english...
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