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So what is new?

Atlanta has a WNBA team now. The Atlanta Dream, and I tried out for their dance team last Sunday...and made the finals!!! I've always wanted to try out for the Hawks, but it's just so time consuming. If I make this team it will fit a lot better into my schedule. The finals are tomorrow night. As soon as we're done watching the Braves game we're going to head over to the gym so I can practice in one of the studios.

My grandma's house is closing in a week or so. While it will be nice to have that money to do all the things I need/want to do with it, it will be sad to lose that home. I contemplated trying to make it up to Michigan to see it once more, but I decided against it. I want to remember it how it was before my grandmother passed away. All the time I spent there and all the warm happy memories I have with my grandma. I just want to retain all the good memories I can from that home.

Dave and I are still searching for a house. We'll hoepfully be all moved in before my 21st Birthday!!! I'm soooo looking forward to this Summer and all of the fun things we're doing.

Dave is buying a canoe in the next couple of weeks. I'm sooooo excited. We live so close to the river and it just makes sense. I can't wait to spend a ton of time doing that this Summer.

All in all things are going good in my life. The only thing I would change is my job. I freaking loathe it, but it just makes sense to stay there through Summer. Not only are we moving, but my birthday is also this Summer, we're going on like 3 or 4 vacations, and several other things. I definitely don't want to get a new job and have to take off a million days so let's just see if I can suffer through this job all Summer...

The NBA playoffs start this weekend!!! I'm sooooooooo excited. Not only are my main guys(The Pistons) freaking awesome and better make it to the finals, but my Hawks have made it to the playoffs as well! I'm so proud of them! YAY!
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