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I've definitely been neglecting this thing.

What's new???

Dave and I are finally back together, and things truly could not be better. There were things the both of us needed to work on, and realize, on our own. Love isn't always easy. There isn't much more I can say without sounding like I'm placing blame, so I'll just stop. But things are really great. I'm happy.

I was in Michigan for 11 days at Christmas and that was great! I love the snowed, but it did alter plans a little bit here and there, but that's to be expected. My main priority was spending as much time with my mom and family as possible. Dave came up for a few days as well which was soooo nice. He finally got to meet my Dad and everyone on that side of the family which made me extremely happy. We also went to a Pistons game while he was visiting. As always it's very sad to come back because my mom and I are so close, but she'll be visiting me in Atlanta January 30-February 4. I bought her a plane ticket to come down, and tickets to go see John Legend for her Christmas present. I'm sure we'll have a blast while she is here!

I've also been spending some extra time adding a little more to our apartment. Dave finally installed our surround sound over Thanksgiving, and we have our new 52 inch TV all hung up and finished so I wanted to add a little more decor, so that's what I've been doing the past few days! I even rearranged the furniture. I was inspired by all of my recent HGTV watching! It feels even more like our perfect home which is always a good thing.

Work on the other hand has been completely horrible. Our new management is making being happy at work almost impossible. If it wasn't for some of the amazing people that come in to the bar when I'm working and the money I would surely be out of there already. For now I'm going to tough it out. Especially because Dave and I have quite a few things planned vacation-wise for the Spring/Summer. We're planning on going down to Orlando for 4 nights in March to see a couple Braves Spring Training games. The week we want to go they have one against the Mets, and one against the Tigers so that would be awesome! And we would be down there for St. Patrick's Day. Lots of fun. I hope everything works out!

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