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I feel so drained today.

I wish I could sleep for like 12 hours straight. That would be amazing.

Work yesterday and today was so slow considering all the great football games that have been on. Definitely didn't make near as much money as I wanted to. Oh well. There's always next week. I just get so stressed out about all the stuff I have to pay for. I'll figure it out though.

Tonight I have to cook dinner, do some crazy amounts of homework, work out, do laundry.

This was a pointless entry.

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I know it's been like ages since I've posted on here. It really feels like forever. I really don't have the time to go in depth on here right now, but I promise I will soon. Good news is that I'm starting school this semester! My first class is tonight. 13 credit hours...woo hoo. I'll post more soon...promise! I feel so out of the loop!
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I haven't posted on here in forever because I suck like that.

I just moved into my beautiful, emaculate apartment last Monday and love it soooo soooo much.

Had a job interview last week, but decided I don't want it because it's too far from where I live, and because I don't want to settle on a job so quickly after being laid off from my last one. That's like marrying the first guy you meet...you need to see what else is out there first.

I'm actually making quite a bit of Money just work at the bar. I was only there 25 hours last week and made over $500 really can't complain about that.

I'm loving the extra time I have to do stuff around the apartment, lay out, workout, etc.

All I have left to do in my apartment is get cable and next month I'm buying a 42" flat screen LCD TV. YaY for me.

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This week has been crazy/shitty. Reallllllllyyyyyyy.

I got laid off from my job on Monday. Apparently they're doing really bad and they're laying off everyone who doesn't have a comission based salary. So there goes my job. I found out when I got to work on Monday. This is just such perfect timing considering I'm moving into a new apartment next weekend. I'm lucky though because I do get severence pay, all my vacation days left paid, and I'm eligible for 2 months unemployment if I can't get hired before that, which I'm praying I do. I'm also lucky in the fact that I do have a part time job that I can work at whenever I want for extra money.

To add to the stress of my life I went on my online banking thing today that is saying I have like $134.00 in overdraft fees, and I know I haven't intentitonally overdraft anything this week. I've actually never overdraft anything in my life. So after I get ready today I'm planning on going to the bank and seeing the teller I see everytime I go there and hoping that the fact this has never happened to me before and that I got laid off from my job Monday I can get that taken off my account. I really really hope I can do it. That's a lot of money, a lot of money that I reallly need right now.

I'm looking for jobs online and slowly starting to send resumes. I'm slightly picky in the respect of what fields I'll work in and what my salary is considering I was paid so well at my last job. I just hope it is near by. I have lots of trouble getting up in the monring and the later I can be up and still be wherever on time the better.

I'm at Dave's house now. He has lots of family in town this week. I'm officially in love with his neices Taylor and Madison...especially Madison. She's so cute and girly and just like me when I was 7. Yesterday she was like "Laura, I love you I hope Uncle Dave marries you." So freaking cute. She even made me a happy 20th birthday card because she felt so bad that she missed it. It's amazing how little children can make you forget all the bad stuff going on in your life.

On the 4th Dave and I and his whole damn family went to Lake Lanier. We spent the day doing water slides and fun stuff like that, and the night was spent on the beach watching fireworks.

Tuesday night Dave and I went to see Transformers with a bunch of his friends out in the Mall of GA area. I was actually surprised. It was a really good movie. The only bad thing was that it was a tad too long, and some parts had so damn much action you didn't know where to look on the screen. I like Shia Lebouf though...EVEN STEVENS! Haha.

I hate being stressed out about money. I'm a worry wart by nature so this just makes it worse. I'm just really hoping I can get that overdraft taken off because that's a lot of money, and I need all the money I can get because I have to pay $607 on the day I move into my new apt. Plus the cost of a moving truck. I wish I knew someone that owned a van...

In a nutshell life sucks right now. I can only pray that it'll get better.
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Everyone needs to go see SiCKO. It was soooo good. Even my crazy conservative Republican boyfriend liked it. And that's saying something, because he still likes George "dubya." See that shit NOW!
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My birthday weekend was sooooo amazing. It's the best one I've had in awhile.

Friday night Dave and I saw Evan Almighty. It was quite funny, and had a good message. I never saw Bruce Almighty, so I can't compare them but it was great. Afterwards we went and had some dinner and watched the rest of the Braves game. The Tigers won the whole series and also managed to have the best interleague record along with the Angels I believe. I couldn't outwardly express my Tigers enthusiasm because I happen to be with the biggest Braves nutjob ever, but I was smiling on the inside.

Saturay we woke up kinda early. Like at 9:30. With no alarm clocks or anything. Crazy. Dave went to run some errands and get ready and he was over around 12:30. What we were doing during the day was a surprise so I had no idea going into the day how it would turn out and I was pleasantly surprised. We went canoeing on the Chattahoochee river! It was soooo much fun! I'd never done that before and it was great. It was like 98 degrees out or something like that, but the breeze from the river made it perfect. I got a lot of sun, and it was just all around a great experience. We're planning to do it again in a couple of weeks!

After that we went back to my place. Dave was watching the Braves get whooped by the Tigers...again, and I slept. I then woke up and had to make myself all fancy for dinner. I had bought the cutest dress after work on Friday from Macy's and I couldn't wait to wear it. We had 9pm reservations at Canoe...ironic I know. It's this very very very nice restaurant in the Vinings district of Atlanta off the hooch and it was seriously like a dream. We sat on the patio because it was cooler (like 90 degrees lol) and it was just perfect. The table was candlelit we could see the river and they have the whole area landscaped with the prettiest flowers. I had a really good NY strip and Dave had goat cheese stuffed chicken with mixed green and a balsamic reduction and it was just so so so so so so good. At the end the waiter brought out a chocolate sponge cake with vanilla mousse that had a candle in it and "Happy Birthday" written in chocolate. I went home to a huge Coldstone cake from Dave and the cutest card ever. It was the best birthday I've had in such a long time!

Next week Dave's sister Janet is coming in from Virginia with her husband and daughters Taylor and Madison. They are the only people of Dave's family I have left to meet so I'm really excited. There are already so many things planned while they're here I can't wait.

Tonight I have to work at the bar. I'm not looking forward to it, but I just really want to make some good money. I usually only work Tuesday's and Thursday's there, but I think I'm going to go in tomorrow evening to try and pick up a shift because an extra $60-$80 wouldn't hurt. I had to take off next Tuesday night because of Dave's sister coming in so I'm trying to bank this week. My goal is to make $250 between Tues,wed,thurs. Next Monday Dave and I are getting together with my aunt, uncle, and cousins for my b-day dinner and I'm hoping they give me money because I could really use it right now for all of the stuff for my new apt.

I'm feeling kinda crazy and neurotic right now, but it's all good!
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I have so much on my mind it's giving me a headache. Not even joking. More for me than for anyone else, but this is livejournal so read on.

- First of all the drama going on in my family right now is retarded. It's not even necessary for me to get into detail, but it mostly has to do with my grandmother's will and estate. My aunt and mom are fighting...again. Of course I'm put in the middle...again. Basically my aunt is trying to screw my mom and I over because her and my uncle just want to get the house sold. My grandmother is probably turning in her grave. I'm sick of feeling guilty about talking about money because if my grandma didn't want us to have it she wouldn't have put us 3 in her will. That money is really important to me because I have a lot of big things coming up to pay for and it would help soooo much. Which gets me into topic #2.

- Dave and I are most likely buying a house in either Charlotte, NC or Asheville, NC next Summer. I know this is a year away, but a year goes by fast so we're slowly starting to look at real estate and going through likes and dislikes and all that. The money from my grandmother would really help because we want to put down as much on a home as possible.

- I found out officially today that I was approved for the apartment I had mentioned a week or 2 ago. I have a lot of financial obligations in this next month because of moving out of 1 apartment and into another. Also because I'm going to be moving into an apartment with a much higher rent than what I live in now. I don't even know why I worry myself of these issues because they always work themselves out. I just stress for no apparent reason. I rock.

- I really want to go to Michigan for July 20-22 to visit Amanda and the whole Creighton clan, but I first have to work out the obligations I have to everything else. Plane tickets were going up a lot in price the last couple weeks, but I just checked Northwest's site today and they were actually down. I hope they go down like $50 more. I can dream right?

- I went to my first dance class this past Saturday in the longest time. It was great. It was an adult hip hop class and I was the only white person there because it was in the pre-ghetto of Atlanta. It was fun now, but I'm paying the price because my neck and back hurt so damn bad it's not even funny. I'm going to and Advanced Jazz workshop this Wednesday night. I've made it my goal to go to at least 1 dance class a week. This started Friday night when after a few beers an irish car bomb and some jager and tequila Dave and I got home and I started talking about how I used to be so free and didn't care what anyone else thought of me and I did everything I dreamt of and then I lost 40lbs and got a really boring job and now just do boring routine things everyday. I seriously talked about this with him for like an hour Friday night. About how I'm wasting away my youth at 2 jobs I hate and how it was almost a horrible thing that I lost weight because it made me extremely self conscious. So I finally got off my ass Saturday morning and went to a dance class and feel great now. I was almost becoming schizophrenic with how scared I was to do certain things so I'm glad I went. I needed to break that habbit badly.

This was really the stupidest entry ever. Sometimes I really just need to rant and complain. Dave doesn't really understand my ranting because he thinks when I do it that I want him to fix it when really all I want is someone to listen. Guys are kinda dense sometimes.

My head hurts a little less now.
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After I got home from work yesterday I decided to catch up on some shows I'd been saving on my TiVo for like ever now. One of those shows was an episode of Oprah from the first week of June with Michael Moore discussing his new film Sicko out June 29th. I had heard about it previously, but didn't know much about it and it didn't really interest me that much. After watching that show yesterday my mind has completely changed. I know a lot of people have very strong opinions on Michael Moore because he's "such a liberal" and because of his last film Fahrenheit 9/11 but I really think everyone should give this a chance and go see it. During his interview he said himself that health insurance is not a partisan issue, it's something that effects every one of us and it's something we need to set aside out political differences on and come together. My eyes opened completely to this issue in just that little 20 minute segment. I can't wait to see it. Did you know America was #37 in the world as far as health insurance goes? And statistically the poorest man in England will live longer than the wealthiest man in America. That is sad. I never knew that there was an actual law stating that health insurance companies must turn a profit. Obviously if they have to turn a profit they're going to turn you down on a treatment you may need calling it "experimental" or "not necessary." He really tackles this issue on all angles, not only talking about the 50 million Americans with no health insurance, but also the people with insurance that aren't getting proper treatment. He even goes into detail about the 9/11 volunteers that have respiratory problems now that can't get coverage from the government for it and all of the terrorists that are at Guantanamo Bay that get top of the line treatment and are never turned down. I think it's amazing what can be accomplished with one voice. All it takes is one person to shine light on something and educate us to make us realize it's a problem and for change to begin.
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Guys are so funny. They think they're so smart when really we have them all figured out. This morning I was a little irritated with Dave and I was in kinda blah mood. Then he brought something up that he was kinda hesitant on and said we could do it. I was like you're just agreeing with that so I'm not mad at you then in a few months when I bring up that fact that he agreed to it he'll say that he never did. I was like I know how you work!!! Geez.

I was going to go the bar to try and pick up a shift tonight, but I'm not in the mood at all. I worked late last night and I work tomorrow night. Should be enough money to at least pay for the small things I need to do...Gas bill, oil changed, new khaki's, send cousin graduation money, some leftover for this weekend.

The b-day is coming up in a little over a week! Which means it's Erica's birthday soon too!!! Can't wait! It's kinda ironic that the Detroit tigers will be here that weekend too! Dave and I are going next Friday night the 22nd because I told him there was no way in hell I was spending my actual birthday in the Georgia heat sweating my ass off at a baseball game. No way in hell.

I've had some crazy allergies this week. I'm actually taking some allergy medicine for it and it's helping. It's just making me really really drowsy.

I just want work to be over right now. I want to go home and put on comfy clothes and get some chocolate peanut butter ice cream and watch Dr. Phil damnit!!!
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I finally decided on an apartment that I like that is in the perfect time frame for me. My goal was to move in on July 14th so I could go to Michigan to see Amanda the next weekend and this complex only had 1 date left for July...which was the 14th. So I figured it was pretty much meant to be. I won't know about my credit app until monday, but I have great credit so unless they're jackasses that shouldn't be a problem. It's 900sqft, wood burning fireplace, crown molding. The apartment complex has a huge pool, jacuzzi, fitness center and a bunch of other things. It's only $750 a month which is a deal in this area. I just need to cross my fingers until Monday.

Last night Dave and I had a little "date" night and went and saw Knocked Up. It was such a cute movie, and it was sooo hilarious! I would recommend it to anyone!

I'm at Thomasville right now. I don't have to work today, but I wanted to because my goal is to have my next 3 paychecks be super huge because of all the things I have going on. After I leave here today I need to go grocery shopping. Dave will be over around 8 and we'll probably workout then I'll make something for dinner. Hmmm...maybe Ribs. Yum.

Tomorrow I plan on sleeping in and laying out. Delicious.
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